Thursday, January 21, 2016


Dear class, 

There are 2 things to be completed.

1. Sign Edusave form.
I have only received 11 forms today. Those who still owe me the form are: 
Yash, Chester, Jeron, Albern, Hong Kai, Timothy, Zhen Yang, Marcus, Shaun Tan, Jowell, Myo, Ryan
Please remember to submit it to me by tomorrow

2. Class deco.
Please write these questions:
1. What do I hope the class can achieve together?
2. What is my ideal L1R5?
3. What school do I hope I can enroll into after SST?
4. What is my job aspiration?
5. My most memorable experience with the class

Please do remember to write it BIG and NEAT.
This is an example:

Thank you and have a great week ahead.

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