Monday, February 22, 2016

22 February 2016 Homework

General / CE: 

 Leadership worksheet (Due next CCE lesson)

-These people, please submit your sexuality education consent form: 
Marcus, Chester, Yash, Nyi Nyi, Ryan Hong, Shaun Tan, Min Xian 


 Coaching Sheet (Due Next Wednesday)




 Study for Biology SPA (On Tuesday)

Things to Bring: Ruler (Long) , Pencil, Curve ruler, Eraser, Pen, Calculator


- Complete static electricity workbook worksheet MCQs , Sect C and data base questions. (Due Tuesday)


  Level Test 1 practice paper (Due Before Week 9)

  Self-Assessment (Periodic Table) (Due Tuesday)

  Energy Changes workbook worksheet (See Facebook group) (Due Tuesday)
-Hydrogen fuel cell worksheet (Due Tuesday)
- Oxidation and reduction notes pg 1-3  (Due Tuesday)

Math : 

 Assignment A01F (Everything except for Q5) (Due Tuesday)

 Example 34 worksheet (c) & (d) (Due Next Monday)

- Upload answers for allocated question onto slides shared (01E) (Due Tuesday)


-Terrorism slides  (Due Tuesday)


- Do the slides on Changing trends in tourism (Due Wednesday) 

English : 

-Do the reading programme activity (Due Tuesday) 

Chinese :


Higher Chinese:

- Write composition on 《居安思危》(Due Tuesday) 

Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in light blue - Things to take note of
Highlighted in green - Due next lesson

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