Tuesday, June 28, 2016

28 June 2016 Homework

Biotechnology Practical (Things to take note) :
- Bring Glue, EZ-Link card, Entry Proof, Standard O Level Examination Stationery (In a transparent pencil case)
- 5 July 2.20pm-5.20pm : Project Planning
- 2 August 2.20pm-5.20pm : Report Writing [Present data, Make references, Understanding of Theory)

General / CE: 

  SDM Form (Due Tomorrow)

  Bring Thermometer (Due Tomorrow)

  Bring Report book (Due Tomorrow)






  SPA Skill 3 Practice 2 (Due Tomorrow)

  Heredity worksheet 15B (Due Tomorrow)

  Ecology & Ecosystem self-learning (Due Tomorrow)

  Cell Division worksheet (Due Tomorrow)




  SPA Skill 3 Practice 1 & 2 (Due Tomorrow)

  Fuels, Crude Oil and Naming Organic Compounds worksheet (Due Tomorrow)

Math :

  Vectors worksheet 1 Q2 - Q7(Due Tomorrow)




  Food Resources data comparison worksheet (Due Thursday)

English : 

  OREPI Document (Share your prompt with 2 other groups, complete 2 prompts from other groups) (Due Tomorrow)

Chinese :


Higher Chinese:


Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in light blue - Things to take note of
Highlighted in green - Due next lesson
Highlighted in purple - Holiday work(Due this week)

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