Friday, June 3, 2016

June Holidays Homework list

Please take note : The following may not be a complete list, so if I have missed anything out, please PM me so that I can add it in. Thank you :)


  SPA Skill 3 Practice 2

  Heredity worksheet 15B

  Ecology & Ecosystem self-learning


  SPA Skill 3 (2 worksheets)


  SPA Skill 3 Practice (soft-copy) (Due 13 June 2359)

  SPA Skill 3 Practice (hard-copy) (with Ms Ng's comments) 

  Fuels, Crude Oil and Naming Organic Compounds worksheet

Math :

  CGS 2015 Prelims E-Math paper

  CGS 2015 MYE E-Math paper

  MGS 2014 A-Math paper

  MGS 2015 A-Math paper

  [BONUS] Cedar Girls 2016 Prelims paper

  Vectors worksheet





English : 

  Holiday Revision worksheets (if you received)

You are also strongly encouraged to revise for your weaker subjects over the June Holidays (by strongly encouraged I mean you should really do it)

Please remember to keep yourself safe and drink lots of water and rest and try not to fall sick :D

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